Dreaming of a quality wilderness hunting trip?

Take a look at Canada’s Yukon!

Within this huge territory there are nineteen registered Outfitters, each with exclusive concession rights to guide non-resident hunters. Outfitting concession boundaries are legally defined and were drawn up by the territorial government over fifty years ago. Each concession includes large areas of pristine wilderness with healthy and diverse wildlife populations.


Within their own areas Outfitters maintain hunting camps, airstrips, float plane bases, horse grazing areas, trails and corrals that are necessary to provide a quality guided hunting service. The Yukon has many species to hunt; Moose, Mountain Goat, Stone Sheep, Dall Sheep, Fannin Sheep, Barren Ground Caribou, Mountain Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine, and Wood Bison.

All Yukon Outfitters are full time professionals who are deeply committed to the territory, its economy and quality of life. To start planning your hunt of a lifetime, check out the Outfitter Directory.